Real Time Monitoring

We are constantly monitoring the precise date, time, and location of every login. Importantly, alerts can be issued immediately for any suspicious login attempts.

 Security Reporting

Each month detailed reports are generated outlining infrastructure health status, capacity, and any security issues.

 Phishing Protection

The latest Phishing Protection software immediately identifies any external entity trying to impersonate other companies or internal users.

 Audit Logging

Allows you to view user and administrator activity throughout your company and detect suspicious activity.

 Email Back-up 

Continuous backup of emails to an external storage ensures important communications are safe and secure.

 Rapid Off-boarding 

Immediately protect and disable all access of departing user accounts including email, file access and document forwarding.

 Admin Role Tracking

Second tier security is offered by Multi-Factor Authentication, using more than one method of authentication to sign-ins and transactions.


Australia’s Notifiable Data Breaches scheme and the EU General Data Protection Regulation have similar requirements.

See below for more information on how they apply to Australian businesses.

From the OAIC website: The Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme established requirements for entities in responding to data breaches. Entities have data breach notification obligations when a data breach is likely to result in serious harm to any individuals whose personal information is involved in the breach.

Failing to comply with NDB can result in fines of up to $1.8 million for businesses and $360 000 for directors.


The European Unions General Data Protection Regulation will apply from 25 May 2018 and affect Australian businesses of any size which hold or process data for citizens of the European Union.

From the OAIC website:

  • The GDPR and the Australian Privacy Act 1988 share many common requirements, including to:
    • implement a privacy by design approach to compliance
    • be able to demonstrate compliance with privacy principles and obligations
    • adopt transparent information handling practices.
  • There are also some notable differences, including certain rights of individuals (such as the ‘right to be forgotten’) which do not have an equivalent right under the Privacy Act.

Failure to comply with GDPR can carry fines of up to 20 million Euros or 4% of global turnover – whichever is higher.

Read more on the OAIC website


Security Experts

Pacific Data Solutions takes your security seriously.

It is our number one commitment to our customers. We work closely with you to design a secure platform that will be tailored specifically to your business requirements. Features like Real-Time Monitoring, Phishing Protection, Multi-Factor Authentication and Audit reporting offer enhanced levels of security for important business transactions.

Experienced and certified IT Professionals

With years of experience in the IT Industry, our knowledge is second to none.

We are constantly working within the IT security sector with professionals and industry leading authorities, as well as with R&D companies developing the latest security and data-protection systems.

Monthly reporting

The monthly Executive Report is an important snapshot of your overall IT infrastructure and an essential tool for your data protection. The report gives an overview of your security and compliance and will include suggestions on areas that may need to be improved.


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